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Progress On Municipal Animal Pound

Oudtshoorn, 20 June 2023 – The Oudtshoorn Municipality is in the process of establishing a new animal pound in terms of its obligation to the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and relevant Oudtshoorn Municipal By-Laws. The proposed animal pound will be replacing the current animal pound of the Municipality which is currently located at the Wastewater Treatment Works of the Municipality. The proposed project will include several structures which will be used for administration, safety, and housing of animals.

The land for the proposed animal pound is situated opposite the current animal pound and the municipality is in the process of setting up a 20-year rental contract, for a nominal fee, with the farmer of this specific land.  After the contract is signed, this site will only be used as a Municipal Animal Pound and private entities will not be allowed to use it as an animal shelter.  According to the Oudtshoorn Municipality By-Law Relating To Impoundment Of Animals, “the municipality may establish a pound at any convenient place within its area of jurisdiction, provided that the Municipality may enter into a service delivery agreement with an institution or person mentioned in section 76(b) of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act No. 32 of 2000), to provide for the establishment and operation of a pound to service its area of jurisdiction.”

During a council meeting in October 2022, the council unanimously resolved that the pound be split from the welfare institutions and to keep good relations with the welfare organisation. They also concluded that the welfare institution be given notice to evacuate the premises. Currently, there are still animals in the impoundment from welfare institutions, however, the municipality has extended the eviction notice that was issued to them on 31 July 2023.

The municipality has a pound master who is responsible for the day-to-day administration and operation of the animal pound.  The pound master must maintain a pound register containing at least the date of receipt of the animal, number and description of animals, brands or markings on the animal, ear tag number assigned by the pound master, name and address of the person who seized the animal, name and address of the person who delivered the animal to the pound, name and address of the owner of the land where the animal was seized, name and address of the owner of animal, name and address or description of the place where the animal was found as well as number and descriptions of the animals.

To assist the animal pound, Law Enforcement has the authority to impound any animal that is abandoned, lost, strayed, or trespassing and take them to the municipal animal pound.

Two tenders were also advertised during these two months for the supply and delivery of animal food as well as a service provider to render veterinarian services to the municipal animal pound until 30 June 2026. The municipality understands that the situation at the animal pound is challenging, but with all the measures being put in place the situation will be resolved so that all impounded animals can be treated with care.