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A Town to grow, work, play & prosper in



The Oudtshoorn Municipal Area has since 5 December 2000 included the larger settlements of Oudtshoorn, Dysselsdorp, and De Rust also including the smaller rural settlements of Volmoed, Schoemanshoek, Spieskamp, Vlakteplaas, Grootkraal, De Hoop, and Matjiesrivier. Oudtshoorn lies within the boundaries of the Eden District Municipality in the Western Cape Province and spans over 3 535 km2.

In 2001, the population size of Oudtshoorn Municipality amounted to 84 694 people compared to 95 933 people in 2011. The population increased on an annual average of 1.25 per cent between 2001 and 2011. The municipality expect this figure to increase during the 2021 census process. The statistical information this time around is layout in ward based.

In 2011, the largest population group is the Coloured race group at 89.5 per cent, followed by the White race group at 14.4 per cent. The African count for 10.5 per cent and Indian/Asian racial groups accounted for 0.4 per cent in 2011.


A town to grow, work, play and prosper in


A responsive municipality creating opportunities for its community through:

Open, transparent and honest governance;

Providing innovative, effective and efficient services;

Promoting sustainability, economic and social development; and

Safer communities

Strategic objectives to address the vision:

To create sustainable integrated human settlements and safer neighbourhoods where communities can prosper;

To provide basic services to all residents in an environmental sustainable manner;

To achieve financial sustainability and strengthen municipal transformation and development;

To promote social, rural and spatial economic development;

An ethical and transparent local government that is responsive to the needs of the community and encourages public participation