Prosperity for All
A Town to grow, work, play & prosper in


Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality strife to be a responsive municipality providing innovative, effective and efficient services

Municipal Manager

  • Auditors
  • Performance Management
  • Integrated Development Plan

Municipal Managers

Key Performance Areas:
  • The development and management of an economically effective, accountable administration which is equipped to implement the Municipality’s Integrated Development Plan, operate in accordance with the Municipality’s performance management system and understand the needs of the local community
  • The management of the provision of services to the local community in a sustainable and equitable manner
  • The appointment, training, discipline, and effective utilisation of staff
  • The promotion of sound labour relations and compliance with applicable labour legislation
  • Advising the political structures and political office bearers, managing communications between these parties as well as carrying out their decisions
  • The administration and implementation of the Municipality’s by-laws and other legislation
  • Exercising any powers and performing any duties delegated by the Municipal Council, or by other delegating authorities of the Municipality
  • Developing and maintaining a system for the assessment of community satisfaction with Municipal services
  • The performance of any other function that may be assigned by the Municipal Council and as Accounting Officer
  • Responsible for all income and expenditure of the Municipality, all assets, the discharge of all liabilities of the Municipality, as well as the proper and diligent compliance with applicable Municipal Finance Management Legislation
  • Facilitate the coordination of the economic development initiatives
  • Other relevant duties.

Director Planning & Development

Key Performance Areas:
  • Report directly to the Municipal Manager
  • Manage the Directorate Planning & Development
  • Develop, implement, and manage strategic goals, policies, and procedures in alignment with the municipality’s strategic objectives
  • Effectively and efficiently manage the Directorate
  • Liaise and interact with individuals, role-players, and agencies at senior level in all three spheres of government
  • Assist and support the Accounting Officer with the roles and responsibilities delegated to the Director Planning & Development
  • Manage the provisioning and administering of project management and building control services
  • Manage the provisioning and control of Local Economic Development and Tourism Services within the Greater Oudtshoorn
  • Manage the provisioning and control of Land use management & spatial planning services
  • Manage the administering and application-building control and human settlement processes.
  • Support and advise the Municipal Manager and Council
  • Provide strategic management and leadership for the directorate
  • Manage and improve departmental administrative functions
  • Develop and implement council policies and strategies
  • Compile and manage the directorate’s budget
  • Ensure legislative compliance of relevance to the directorate
  • Manage all related grants and funding allocated to the municipality
  • Ensure community participation in matters of governance