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Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality Invites Entrepreneurs To Monthly Flea Market

Oudtshoorn, 02 May 2024 The Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality is delighted to announce a unique opportunity for all entrepreneurs, artists, and crafters to participate in the monthly Flea Market to be held at the Thusong Container Hub in Oudtshoorn and Dysselsdorp Thusong Centre, to make money.

“Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit within our community is important for us to ensure that our small business grows financially. We encourage all aspiring entrepreneurs to seize this opportunity and become part of the marketplace” affirmed the Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Alderman Chris Macpherson.

The Flea Market serves as a prime opportunity for entrepreneurs and startups to showcase their products. Whether it’s handmade crafts, treats, or unique items like jewellery and pottery. It is a platform where creativity meets profit, offering vendors the chance to turn their passions into money. The Municipality invites all entrepreneurs and traders to be part of this venture.

Mr Greg Baartman, Manager LED, stated “Joining the Flea Market gives local entrepreneurs a chance to shine and boost our community’s economy. It’s all about showcasing talent and making money.”

The purpose of this Flea Market is to create an opportunity for all entrepreneurs or starter-ups to sell a wide range of possibilities, from pottery to white elephants. If this is what you have, this Flea Market can help you.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all, participants must meet specific criteria. This includes holding a health certificate for pre-prepared foods and take-aways, as well as possessing scientific testing certificates for beauty products. Additionally, vendors are responsible for their equipment, particularly in the case of take-away food.

Mr. Lluwellyn Coetzee, Senior Manager of Strategic Services, added that “The Flea Market at the Thusong Container Hub and Dysselsdorp Thusong Centre offers a platform for individuals to sell their products to the locals.”

Individuals or businesses who aspire to take part in this enriching opportunity are urged to complete and submit their application forms no later than Tuesday, 31 May 2024, before 12:00. Application forms are readily available at the Municipal Offices in St John Street, Dysselsdorp Thusong Centre, and Oudtshoorn Thusong Centre, or can be obtained through the municipal website,, or via email upon request.

For inquiries, kindly direct your questions to Ms. E. Wagenaar at 044 203 3971 or, and Mr. F. Booysen at 044 203 3061 or