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Cango Caves resumes tours after slight tremor

Oudtshoorn, 18 October 2016 – The Cango Caves, which have been temporarily closed this morning due to a low grade tremor, have been reopened at 12:00 today. 

The Eden District Municipality’s Disaster Management has given the town’s management team a go-ahead to resume tours at the Cango Caves. 

The operations manager for the Cango Caves, Ms. Allison Moos has confirmed the first tour entered at 12:00. “A few bus groups turned away as soon as the news of the tremor surfaced, some tourists who were booked for earlier tours also joined the Twelve O’clock trip.”

A slight tremor occurred along the Cango fault line north of Oudtshoorn at approximately 08:30 this morning.

The Eden District Disaster Management has earlier today reported that the tremor was measured at 3.4 on the Richter scale and is calculated at 6km into the ground.  Council for Geoscience was still ascertaining the point of origin.

Residents in the area are advised that there is no reason to panic and no damages have been reported.