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Spekkop Housing Project

Oudtshoorn, 01 October 2019 – Recently, in the Social Media and the general public have widely been discussing about the proposed SPEKKOP development project.

However, it is important to note that before such a project can be approved, strict legal requirements must be met. These processes include an environmental impact study as well as a public participation process.

The latter process is currently underway, hence the advertisement for public input. This process is considered very important, therefore the general public and especially the applicants on the housing waiting list are invited to participate in the process. Government organizations are equally welcome to make their inputs.

The housing project appeals to all residents of Oudtshoorn and not only to Ward 6, as the project will address the housing backlog in terms of the shortlist.

The council, meanwhile, is deeply aware of the latest widespread report, although it does not paint a good picture of Oudtshoorn at all.

The project is still in its planning phase. Funding for the planning was approved in September 2013.

  • The Municipality is still engaged in statutory processes. Ads for comment were placed on the Basic Environmental Assessment Report.
  • Public meetings are scheduled for the first week of November after the 30-day period has lapsed.
  • It will take 12 months before the environmental impact study has been approved by the Department of environmental Affairs and Development Planning (DEADP).
  • The municipality will then submit a funding application for implementation with an expected start date of April 2021.
  • There were issues regarding air quality and specialist studies had to be done in conjunction with DEADP.

Finally, it is pertinently on record that to date the council has not made a final decision regarding the proposed Spekkop housing project, as the requirements mentioned earlier in this report have not been completed.