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Service Delivery Updates

Oudtshoorn, 25 July 2023Oudtshoorn Municipality aims to keep residents informed on Greater Oudtshoorn’s service delivery. Weekly updates will be shared, covering municipal sectors to ensure timely updates and transparency.


The Roads and Stormwater Department, in collaboration with the Water Department, is actively working to repair the Pauline Smith intersection. The goal is to ensure a smooth and efficient repair process.  One of the key challenges they’re tackling is replacing old and problematic asbestos pipes that keep bursting. Additionally, they will be fixing the road from the ground up to provide a long-lasting solution. However, good weather conditions are needed for this, and the Roads Department will ensure that preparations are done and will be repaired when the weather and dry conditions permit.

The Roads and Stormwater department, along with Community services, is enhancing infrastructure by repairing Park Road, Jan Van Riebeck, Buitekant Street, Pringle Street, and Vrede Street.


The Municipality are addressing the potholes in the Greater Oudtshoorn through weather-permitted repairs, covering all areas. The Pothole Repair initiative, though temporary, aimed to alleviate immediate issues, which will allow the municipality to in due course fix all potholes professionally. A long-term strategy for pothole repairs involves assessing road conditions, using appropriate materials, and using qualified personnel to ensure effective and durable pothole repairs across the municipality’s road network. All pothole repair work is weather dependent.


The Municipality is eagerly anticipating the upcoming summer season, as the favourable weather conditions will allow for the implementation of various road maintenance projects. Among these projects are slurry seal, chip and spray, and heavy rehabilitation, all aimed at ensuring the roads’ optimal condition.

One of the key initiatives is a comprehensive road seal program, which will be carried out over the next three (3) years and beyond. This program will play a vital role in the ongoing efforts to rehabilitate and improve the road infrastructure within the Municipality.

To ensure effective prioritization of the roads to be sealed, thorough assessments will be conducted. The priority list will be regularly updated on a yearly basis to accommodate changing needs and developments.

Overall, the Municipality is committed to making road maintenance a continuous and proactive process, striving to enhance the safety and convenience of the community’s transportation network.


The Planning and Development department, through the municipal environmental office are still continuing with their cleaning campaign.  Cleaning last week was done at the Kanaal close to Bridgton Swimming Pool, in collaboration with Parks department, Community Service, Cleansing Service, Waste Management, Garden Route District Municipality and members of the public.

A Greening Campaign is also still underway where plants and trees were planted at the Water Treatment works in Dysselsdorp and the Municipal building in De Rust.

A Cleaning and Recycling campaign was launched at De Villiers Primary and Protea High School in collaboration with Garden Route Municipality and Cape Nature.

Trees are also being planted at the cemetery again and various areas in the Greater Oudtshoorn.


The municipality have made significant progress with streetlights and electrical cable repairs in the previous week. Currently, we’re at 100% completion of our weekly plan.

Ward 1 and 2: Saunders, Voortrekker, Buitekant, St Saviour, Badenhorst, Oosthuizen, and Valkenier streets fully repaired and operational.

In Ward 4, Muller street’s repairs are completed,

Additionally, both Ward 6 and Ward 7 have been fully completed as well.

We want to thank residents for their patience and support throughout this process. Your safety is our priority, and we’re committed to maintaining a well-lit and reliable community, however cable theft within our communities is a major concern. Perpetrators could face a 15-year prison term and hefty fines if found guilty. Let’s safeguard our community and report any suspicious activities.

Your cooperation is vital in curbing cable theft incidents. If you witness any suspicious activity or cable theft, please report it immediately to the authorities. Together, we can safeguard our community and prevent further losses.


This week, the following streets will undergo road sign- and marking improvements:

Bergin Street, De Laan, Piedt Street and Zebra Avenue

The municipal team will be working hard to ensure safer and more organized traffic flow in these areas. Please be mindful of any temporary inconveniences during the process.