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Road Conditions In The Greater Oudtshoorn Area Caution On Flooded Roads

Oudtshoorn, 04 June 2024 The Greater Oudtshoorn has been experiencing heavy rains for the last couple of days and motorists are urged to please drive with caution on the roads.  The heavy rains are causing dangerous road conditions, and a few roads, streets and passes are closed in the Greater Oudtshoorn area.

The road conditions in the Greater Oudtshoorn Area are as follows:

MEIRINGS POORT: Closed due to rain and flooding.

SWARTBERG PASS: Closed due to rain and flooding.

ROAD BETWEEN OUDTSHOORN AND GEORGE: N12 – Please take note of rock falls on the N12 between George and Oudtshoorn. Motorists must travel at lowered speeds cautiously.

CANGO CAVES: Cango Caves are still open.  Motorists are cautioned to please drive carefully on this road.

CANGO MOUNTAIN RESORT: R 328 – The road leading to the Cango Mountain Resort, Rust and Vrede and Raubenheimerdam is closed due to flooding.

NOORD STREET: Please drive with caution as the water is flowing strongly on the road.

LOW-WATER BRIDGES: Avoid crossing at Church, Van Der Riet, Albert and Rademeyer Street due to strong water flow. Seek alternative routes.

DRAIN COVERS: Motorists are warned to please be cautious when driving in the main streets in Oudtshoorn as the drain covers are being pushed open due to the water pressure.

More water is expected to flow from the Groblaars River to Oudtshoorn as the river is flowing in full force at the moment.  The Raubenheimer dam is also overflowing.  More disruptive rains are expected for today, 04 June 2024.

We will keep the public updated and also report on other flood damages during the day.