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Protest: Disposal Of Refuse Bags Next To Museum

Oudtshoorn, 01 September 2023In recent weeks, a protest movement has emerged in Oudtshoorn, with residents leaving their filled black refuse bags on municipal premises adjacent to the museum in protest of the municipal tariffs. While this protest has gained attention for various reasons, the municipality would like to highlight some key points regarding its impact.

  • The accumulation of refuse bags in public areas poses significant health hazards to both residents and passersby. Ensuring a clean and hygienic environment is essential for the well-being of our community.
  • The disposal of refuse bags outside designated collection points places an additional burden on municipal workers. They are forced to work overtime to address the growing waste, impacting their schedules.
  • The disposal of refuse in non-designated areas is in violation of municipal regulations. Residents are urged to use official waste collection services and adhere to established disposal guidelines. Engaging in legal and responsible waste disposal practices is crucial for maintaining a harmonious community.

The Municipality has issued a stern warning to the organizer of the recent protest events. Last week, during the same protest, individuals deliberately trespassed onto municipal premises where refuse bags were deposited, unlawfully spreading litter. The municipality has made it abundantly clear that such actions will not be tolerated, and those responsible will face legal consequences. Furthermore, they will be held accountable for the costs incurred by the municipality in cleaning the premises.

The Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudsthoorn, Alderman Chris Macpherson, in no uncertain terms, emphasized that the municipality will not condone or tolerate any unlawful activities. The municipality cannot afford a repeat of the situation witnessed in Swellendam. Disregarding this warning leaves the municipality with no alternative but to pursue further legal actions against those who violate waste disposal regulations.

“The Greater Oudsthoorn Municipality remains committed to upholding the law and ensuring a clean and healthy environment for all residents and I want to urge everyone to please act responsibly and adhere to waste disposal regulations.”

Mayor Macpherson emphasized that it is crucial for the public to understand that anyone who violates the law will be held accountable. While some individuals may believe that this is their right, it is essential to recognize that individual rights must not encroach upon the rights of others. The Mayor stressed, “If the municipality tolerates such behaviour, we should condone any other unlawful actions.”