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Oudtshoorn Traffic Department to Open on Monday, 8 June While Libraries Remain Closed

Oudtshoorn, 04 June 2020 – The Oudtshoorn Traffic Department will open its doors to the public on Monday, 8 June after it has been certified as compliant to the regulations applicable to COVID19.

The following services will be rendered to the public: 

  1. Renewal of vehicle licences.
  2. Registration of vehicles.
  3. Other transactions related to vehicles.
  4. Testing of Vehicles for roadworthiness.
  5. Application for the renewal of driving licence cards.
  6. Collection of driving licence cards.
  7. Testing of applicants for learner’s licence who could not be tested because of the COVID-19 lockdown.
  8. Testing of applicant’s for practical driving licence tests who could not be tested because of the COVID-19 lockdown.
  9. Applications / renewals of professional driving permits (PRDP’s).
  10. Traffic Fines

Please take note that no applications for new learner’s licence and driving licence tests will be done.  This is on instruction of the Provincial Department of Transport and that the backlogs must first be dealt with.

The Western Cape Library Services which is part of the Province’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport has, this week, confirmed that the libraries will remain closed under alert lever 3. A communique that was circulated to libraries in the Western Cape states that libraries are classified as a public facility normally open to the public where cultural and leisure activities take place, which according to paragraph 39(1) of alert level 3 regulations, is to remain closed.