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Oudtshoorn to bolster traffic visibility and enforcement

Oudtshoorn, 14 March 2017 – Oudtshoorn Municipality’s traffic department has started an awareness campaign that will focus on service delivery to the community.  The municipality wants to ensure visibility of traffic officers and enforcement of the law in and around town.

“This campaign would force the public to obey the traffic rules, obey the speed limits and follow the road and safety regulations,” said the Executive Mayor, Colan Sylvester. He added, “Traffic officers will therefore undertake general traffic and road management tasks to make sure that the public adhere to these rules and regulations. Illegal operators vehicles will be impounded and heavy fines will be paid before releasing your vehicle.”

“Sporadic operations/road block by Municipal traffic officer and also in some instances in collaboration with Provincial Traffic and the South African Police Services will be conducted.”

Mayor Sylvester additionally urged the public to follow the traffic regulations listed below:

  • Registration of Vehicles: All vehicles that plies the road must be registered and all documents necessary must be obtained and renewed when due.
  • Obeying Traffic Officials: Traffic officials are the agents that are in charge of the enforcement of traffic rules.
  • Obeying Speed Limit: There is a speed limit at which vehicles can move either on the highway or within the town. The speed limit is to be obeyed to avoid accident.
  • Drinking and Driving: It is an offence to drink alcoholic drink or take drug substances which can intoxicate and make one drive carelessly.
  • No Driving by Minors: Minors are those below the age required by law to engage in certain activities.
  • All Drivers must possess valid driver’s licence: Driver’s licence is an identification document issued by traffic department.
  • Stopping for Pedestrians on Zebra-Crossing: Other road users are expected to stop for pedestrians to cross once they are on the zebra-crossing.
  • Obey Traffic Signs and Traffic Light: All road users must obey traffic signs/warning e.g. One Way, No Parking, Give Way, No U-turn, Zebra Crossing etc. and the traffic lights.
  • Vehicles must give way to fire service vehicles and ambulance that are on emergency service.

The traffic department wants to do a service to the community and encourage community to come up with recommendations to better the services by sending an email to