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Oudtshoorn Municipality’s Progress In Clean-Up, Recycling Initiatives By Garden Route District Municipality, And Community Involvement

Oudtshoorn, 24 July 2023 – The Oudtshoorn Municipality is pleased to report significant progress in the comprehensive clean-up of the Greater Oudtshoorn area, with numerous residents and schools actively participating in maintaining a cleaner town. Additionally, the Garden Route District Municipality has launched a Recycle Campaign Initiative in two schools, aiming to foster a cleaner and more sustainable environment for the entire community.

This recycling campaign initiative from Garden Route District Municipality aims to tackle the pressing issue of waste management and promote recycling practices in the region. The Oudtshoorn Municipality has partnered with two schools, De Villiers Primary School, and Protea High School, to implement the campaign. The involvement of these schools is pivotal as it represents an investment in our future leaders and demonstrates the significance of active youth participation in environmental conservation.

These two schools will spearhead the recycling drive in its immediate vicinity. The recycling launch raised awareness about the importance of recycling and demonstrated the processes involved. The school will establish recycling stations on its premises, encouraging students and their families to embrace sustainable waste management practices.

“The Clean-Up and Recycle Campaign is an embodiment of our commitment to the environment and the well-being of our community,” stated Ambrose Carelse, Municipal Environmental Officer, expressing the municipality’s enthusiasm for the project. “By involving our local schools, we are nurturing a culture of environmental consciousness from an early age. We believe that this project will inspire positive behavioural change and forge a cleaner, greener future for Oudtshoorn.”

During the cleanup and recycling event, Councillor Berry, Councillor of Ward 7, urged learners to be ambassadors for Cleaning and Greening, educating peers and friends by discouraging dumping in open spaces. She commended the community’s responsible use of open spaces for sports and expressed gratitude to the Garden Route Municipality and Cape Nature for their initiative and for using the municipality as a pilot to launch the recycling campaign.

“Local businesses, residents, and community leaders are encouraged to support the Clean-Up and Recycle Campaign by actively participating in the organized clean-up events and embracing recycling practices in their daily lives.”

These projects also form part of the MyTownMyProblem initiative, whereby it is crucial that all the residents young and old commit to their responsibility to look after the areas in which they live, work, and play with the help of the municipality. We want to encourage all residents to take pride in the areas where they reside in. Furthermore, the municipality would also like to encourage residents to report any illegal dumping activity within their areas.

Together, let us embrace this collective responsibility for the betterment of our environment. For further information or to get involved in the campaign, please contact Ambrose Carelse on 044 3982.

Students, teachers, and municipal officials will join forces to clean up litter and debris, restoring the beauty of the surrounding area and fostering a strong sense of civic pride.