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Ongoing Screening and Testing for Covid19 Symptoms Covers More Areas in the Greater Oudtshoorn

Oudtshoorn, 17 May 2020 – The ongoing community screening and testing for Corona Virus (COVID19) symptoms in the Greater Oudtshoorn reaches out to more areas this coming week.

The Oudtshoorn Sub-district of the Western Cape Department of Health started screening last week covering parts of Bridgton, Dysselsdorp and De Rust. The door-to-door screening will be conducted by trained field workers in the following dates and areas:

MONDAY, 18 MAY 2020

  • GG Kamp, Bongolethu
  • Magermanstraat, Kerrieblok, Dysselsdorp
  • Plaattjiesstraat, Kerrieblok, Dysselsdorp
  • Numbers 800 to 100 Asla, De Rust

TUESDAY, 19 MAY 2020

  • Stegmanstraat, Kerrieblok, Dysselsdorp
  • Solomonsstraat, Kerrieblok, Dysselsdorp
  • Numbers 901 to 950 Asla, De Rust


  • Belelliestraat, Kerrieblok, Dysselsdorp
  • Ruiterstraat, Kerrieblok, Dysselsdorp
  • Dwarsweg, Beverly Hills, De Rust
  • Gloxaliastraat, Beverly Hills, De Rust
  • Adenuimstraat, Beverly Hills, De Rust


  • Kanaal area, Bongolethu
  • Ou Bokkraal, Dysselsdorp
  • Olienhoudskloof, Dysselsdorp
  • Jossie se Plaas, Dysselsdorp
  • Randstraat, Blomnek, De Rust
  • Vygiestraat, Blomnek, De Rust
  • Middelweg, Blomnek, De Rust

FRIDAY, 22 MAY 2020

  • Kanaal area, Bongolethu

Anyone found with COVID19 symptoms during the screenings will be sent for testing to the nearest clinic.

When someone in my community or neighbourhood tests positive

Please remember that there is no shame in being referred for testing or testing positive. Also remember most people will recover after a mild illness. Covid-19 does not discriminate, and anyone can be infected.  Communities need to support those who have tested positive.

It is normal to feel scared, anxious, confused and even panic because of the virus and what we don’t know. But these feelings should not make you discriminate against someone who has tested positive.

We should not stigmatise people who have tested positive. We must offer our support. Although you should avoid physical contact, you can support them by messaging or calling to ask how they are doing. As they and the rest of their household will be in isolation, you can offer to help by buying food or medication and dropping it off at their door.

Remember, we are in this together and must support each other.

Health risk due to social stigmatisation

When someone who tested positive for Covid-19 feels scared or threatened by their community or neighbourhood, they might hide their illness to avoid discrimination. This can result in them not seeking healthcare, which can lead to their condition deteriorating and eventually spreading the virus to others. Remember, it is a difficult time for the infected or affected people and they need compassion, love, and support.

Instead of stigmatising or discriminating, you can offer to help them.