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Mayor’s Pothole Repair Initiative

Oudtshoorn, 06 June 2023The Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Alderman Chris Macpherson, have started a pothole repair project that with the help and assistance of the residents of the Greater Oudtshoorn envisaged to be very successful. This pothole repair project is a temporary initiative that will give the municipality the grace period to put measures in place to ensure the fixing of all potholes and roads permanently in the long run.

Mayor Macpherson was approached by some residents to allow them to take ownership of their streets and fix the potholes, hence the initiative to start the project and open it up to all interested residents and stakeholders.  The continued rains that the Greater Oudtshoorn experienced the last couple of weeks, worsened the situation. “For the public who are willing and see their way open to assist the municipality, the municipality will permit you to fix potholes in the residential areas”, stated Mayor Macpherson at a media conference held on Monday, 05 June 2023.

There are however certain prerequisites that the residents must follow.

  • People who are willing to do this must first notify the municipality
  • The following WhatsApp number can be used for notification.  Please take note that this number is only temporary and must only be used to get the reference number to fix potholes: 078 802 7724
  • The WhatsApp notification must include your name and surname, the street where you will be fixing the pothole as well as the date when the pothole will be fixed.
  • After the notification is sent to the municipality, you will receive a reference number to give to the service provider to buy the pothole repair mix
  • A step-by-step infographic will be given to you by the service provider, this infographic will also be on the municipal website.
  • Work must be carried out as per the step-by-step infographic.

Residents must be aware that by joining this initiative, they will have to pay for the pothole repair mix out of their own pocket. The municipality negotiated a discount with the service provider, which will allow residents to pay only R90.00.  “We do appreciate the residents who already showed their interest and also those who will help as we know that we can depend on you”.

“Let us take ownership of our streets, and by working together as a team, the municipality and the residents of the Greater Oudtshoorn can make a difference to make our roads safer for motorists, cyclists and bikers”.