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Mayor Sylvester announces Council’s Bursary Programme

Oudtshoorn, 05 September 2017 – Executive Mayor Colan Sylvester has, on 29 August 2017, announced the Council’s Bursary Award Programme in an information session. 

The information session which was attended by councillors and high school teachers in the greater Oudtshoorn, also focused at restoring partnership between local schools and the Municipality, to attract more young people to the local government sector.

Mayor Sylvester told attendees that this is the first time in two years that Council gives bursaries to the youth of Greater Oudtshoorn.

“The bursary program for 2017/2018 financial year will amount to a total of R600 000. Three Hundred Thousand Rand (R300 000) of the entire allocation will go to external bursaries while the other R300 000 will be allocated to graduate internships,” said Mayor Sylvester.

“This bursary programme will focus only on study fields in electrical engineering, civil engineering and housing. The bursary is specifically aimed at education and development of the youth of the Greater Oudtshoorn, so as to utilize their skills and knowledge for the benefit of the town. The Graduate Internships programme will, meanwhile, be determined by the need of the Municipality.”

Sylvester emphasized that only youth from the greater Oudtshoorn will benefit from the bursary programme, since it is funded by ratepayers. “The bursary recipients must be local; The Municipality will investigate to ensure that bursaries are indeed awarded to the youth of the greater Oudtshoorn. Our main focus is to start investing in our town’s youth, so that they could plough back in future.”

Mayor further acknowledged the challenges that may come with this new venture. “The need to provide more financial assistance to our youth will always be there, despite the Municipality’s ongoing financial recovery process.” At the same time he also ensured the Council’s undertaking in this regard. “We are prepared to face the challenges, as schools ought to inform children about careers in local government.

Front Row (FLTR): Pieter Luiters (Councillor), Annelie Knoetz (Oudtshoorn High School) , Salome Herold (Morestêr Secondary School), Brandon Lottering (Morestêr Secondary School), Lauren Meiring (Oudtshoorn High School) and Hendrik Ruiters (Councillor)

Back Row (FLTR): Oral Frans (Auriel College), Colan Sylvester (Executive Mayor), Innes Olivier (Dysselsdorp Secondary School) and Allen Paulse (Municipal Mananger)

Photographer: Tania Steffens, Oudtshoorn Municipality