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Impact Sports Events Hosted The First Easter Rugby & Netball Tournament

Oudtshoorn, 03 April 2024 – Impact Sports Events (ISE), in collaboration with the Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality and Herotel, successfully held the first Easter Rugby & Netball Tournament from 28 March until 01 April 2024, at the Bridgton Sports Grounds, fondly known as “Die Plate”. The tournament brought together 15 rugby and 10 netball teams from all over.

After extensive consultation and planning, ISE decided to host this annual Easter weekend event, which serves as a platform to promote sportsmanship, camaraderie, and family fun while showcasing local sports talent. Representatives from all rugby and netball clubs in the Oudtshoorn area participated in this tournament.

Mr Granwell Strydom, the spokesperson for ISE, emphasized the importance of sports beyond competition, stating, “Sports like rugby and netball instil values of teamwork, discipline, and personal growth. Through dedication and perseverance, players learn invaluable life skills that extend far beyond the field. By engaging in friendly competition, we strengthen bonds, encourage unity, and promote inclusivity.”

The Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality, Alderman Chris Macpherson, expressed similar sentiments, highlighting the tournament’s role in community building and relationship development.

The tournament exceeded all expectations with approximately 8,000 attendees over the four days. The event transpired without any accidents, maintaining a spirit of unity and cleanliness throughout. Participating clubs demonstrated exemplary sportsmanship, contributing to a positive environment for players as well as spectators.

The champions of the tournament are as follows: In rugby, the triumphant team is the Harlequins with All Blacks as runners-up (both from Oudtshoorn), while in netball, victory belongs to the Dreamers of De Doorns.

ISE extends its gratitude to sponsors Herotel, Dryland, Nebavest, Bidvest, Pitch Vision, Western Cape Government Sport and Culture, Shoprite, Oudtshoorn Aero Club, Oudtshoorn Sweiswerke, Wilck Spar, Mr Anton Goliath, Blacklist Security and TFASA for their support in making this event possible.