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Illegal Dumping Becoming an Eyesore for Community

The Mayor asking residents of Oudtshoorn questions about illegal dumping

Oudtshoorn, 23 February 2022 The Department of Environment, Forestry, and Fisheries nominated the Oudtshoorn Municipality as part of their Cleaning and Greening project. The launch of the project was on 17 February where the Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Cllr. Chad Louw, was part of the group to visit houses, Spaza shops, and schools to bring awareness of illegal dumping and planting and caring of trees.

The following sites were identified by the Environmental Health and Heritage Officer, Ambrose Carelse for the cleaning of the open spaces.  Carelse, in conjunction with officials from the municipal town planning office, conducted site visits to document issues on several sites which have become an eyesore for the community.  It should be noted that the sites which were identified were linked to the proximity to spaza shops and schools in the areas. The operations on illegal dumping sites will continue and further awareness campaigns will be implemented in other areas of concern. Furthermore, the municipality will be visiting more schools in the time to come.

These sites have been chosen to form part of the Cleaning and Greening Project.

Site 1: Located between Poplar and Ash Street

There is a lot of shrubs on this site, which leads to waste materials being tangled up within it. Parents and kids use this path to get to the crèche and also to the High school in the area. The presence of the waste materials not only poses a potential environmental issue but also a potential health risk.

Site 2: Located on the corner of Ash Street and Wolf Avenue

This is a church site as per the zoning of the property. Resident all around this area is currently using it as an illegal dumping site.  Two house-shops are situated across from the site which could be regarded as big contributors to this dumping, the Municipality issued warning letter to these two house shops during the awareness campaign.

Site 3: Located in Leeu Road

Kids use this site to play cricket, however, due to a lot of dumping kids hardly play here anymore. During a site inspection, it was noted that members of the community were dumping garden waste on the site and a lot of household waste was present at the time of the inspection.

Site 4:  Located between 18th Avenue and Lyners Street

A portion of this site is used by the community and by informal Netball teams to play Netball on Sundays, however, this is one of the hot spots in terms of illegal dumping.

The site is located in between residential houses and it is evident from the constant illegal dumping, that the people who dump on the site do not care about the people living there. Even though there is a municipal bin for garden waste, people dump household waste next to the bin. During the inspection, two young boys dumped boxes next to the bin, which appeared to be from house shops in the area.  

Site 5: Located in Zola Street within the storm-water channel that meanders through the community

This is one of the major illegal dumping sites in the Oudtshoorn area. The Municipality has tried cleaning this area on numerous occasions. At some point, the municipality went in to clean this area but some members of the community did not allow the municipality to clean the area. Our kids are using the channel as a playing ground which poses major health risks

The Executive Mayor Louw wants to urge the public and residents to refrain from illegal dumping and also to report those who are doing so, by making an affidavit at the SAPS with all the relevant information (date, time, person’s name, materials dumped, vehicle registration number etc.). “It is of utmost importance that we eradicate this behaviour and mentality of just dumping without facing the consequences. It is our town, so let us keep it clean and green” Louw said.