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Handover Of Educational Learning Material To APD

Oudtshoorn, 12 September 2023 The Planning and Development Department of the Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality, handed over educational learning material to the clients of the Association of and for People with Disabilities (APD) in Bongulethu on Friday, 08 September 2023 during a visit to this association.  APD, a non-governmental and non-profit organization, is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities in the community.

Mr Louis Booysen, Manager Special Projects, and Mr Pat Blaauw, Socio–Economic Officer, along with Councillor Barbara Owen, Chairperson of Planning and Development, paid a visit to the Association of and for People with Disabilities (APD) in Bongulethu on 08 September 2023.

During the visit, Miss Monique Malan, a dedicated Social Aid Worker, provided the officials with an informative tour of the APD facility. Miss Malan shared insights into the various special needs of their clients and how APD plays a crucial role in addressing these needs. “Our clients want to feel part of the community, seeking a sense of belonging. They hope to be embraced and included, rather than facing exclusion due to their unique needs. It is their desire that the community treats them with equality and understanding, regardless of the differences in their needs.”

Malan expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality for their generous contribution of educational learning materials. She emphasized the importance of these materials, stating that they are much-needed resources that will significantly benefit their clients.  She also shared that the APD team has exciting plans on how to utilize these materials and that contributions are much needed by their organisation.

Councillor Barbara Owen extended her appreciation to the dedicated personnel at the APD facility for their vital contributions to the well-being and inclusion of individuals with disabilities. She emphasized the significance of organizations like APD in creating a more inclusive and compassionate community.

Malan also wants to encourage community members to spend time facility and emphasized that the clients at APD simply have a strong desire to be included in the broader community, and the facility serves as a place where they can find support, understanding, and the opportunity for meaningful interactions.

The visit to APD in Bongulethu is a testament to the Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality’s commitment to supporting organizations that promote inclusivity, education, and well-being within the community. The Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality remains dedicated to fostering partnerships with organizations like APD to create a more accessible and caring community for all.