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Greater Oudtshoorn Sports Festival In Full Swing

Oudtshoorn, 04 July 2023 – The Greater Oudtshoorn Sports Festival is still in full swing.  The Sports Festival started on 24 June 2023, Dominoes at the Thusong Centre and will end on 13 July 2023 with the Cycling SA Oudtshoorn Youth Festival.  At the beginning of the Sports Festival the Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Alderman Chris Macpherson said that sport brings people together regardless of any differences and therefore it is extremely important that all communities are afforded the opportunity to be part of these events.

The winner of the Dominoe Tournament was the Vikings, and the runner-up was the Neppon Warriors.  The winner and the runner-up walked away with the winning trophies. The Oudtshoorn Local Football Association (OLFA) tournament took place in the Oudtshoorn Local Football Association on the weekend of 24-25 June 2023 at the Dysselsdorp Sportsgrounds. A total of eight (8) teams participated in the tournament and the results are as follows:

Saturday, 24 June 2023:

  • De Rust High School 3 – 0 Superstrikers
  • AC Milan 1 – 0 Leeds United
  • Springroses 3 – 1 Fezekile High School
  • Dysselsdorp High School 3 – 1 Springbokke

Sunday, 25 June 2023 (Semi-Finals)

  • De Rust High School 4 – 4 AC Milan
  • AC Milan won 4 – 3 with penalties
  • Springroses 0 – 0 Dysselsdorp High School
  • Springroses won 3 – 0 with penalties



  • Springroses won 3 – 0 against AC Milan


The Open Darts Development Tournament also took place on 24 June 2023 at Show Ground, Country Club in Oudtshoorn. The men’s first place was won by Stephan Swanepoel, the ladies’ first place by Cecerah Toua and the Junior place was won by Duncan Rabie.

On Wednesday, 28 June 2023, the Golf Tournament took place at the Oudtshoorn Golf Club.  For the competition 4BBBS the winners are as follows:

  • S Pretorius/ P Pretorius (46)
  • F Verwey/ L Verwey (46)
  • EP Du Plessis/ J Neethling (45)
  • S Arries/ A Theunisson (43)
  • S Beck/ J Van Der Walt (43)
  • D Boks/ J Badenhorst (42)


The Kickboxing Battle of the Continents, South Africa vs Canada, was held at the De Jager Sports Complex on Friday, 30 June 2023, and Saturday, 01 July 2023, where the teams’ exchanged gifts before the battles began.  After a two-day battle, team South Africa won the test. The results of the Battle of the Continents, SA vs Canada are as follows:

  • Ringsport 19 Fights
  • One fight was non-contestant.
  • 9 SA – CA -9
  • Ringsport was a draw
  • Tatami 23 Fights
  • 15 SA – CA 8


Total of Ring and Tatami fights: 41 fights

SA Won 24 fights

Canada Won 17 fights

The Vlakkie Cricket, Bowls Trips Championship, RGR Klein Karoo Oval Track Championship, Eden and Central Karoo Netball Development Tournament, as well as the Cycling SA Oudtshoorn Youth Festival, are still competing this week and residents are welcome to go and support them.

The municipality would like to extend a warm welcome to every visitor and wish the remaining competitors the best of luck. “Sport is not simply about winning, it is an integral part of bringing people together and building a better future” says Mayor Macpherson.