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Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality Supports Local Entrepreneurs At KKNK 2024

Oudtshoorn, 02 April 2024 The Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality is proud to announce its ongoing support for local entrepreneurs through the annual exhibition at the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees (KKNK). Each year, the Municipality assists 10 entrepreneurs by providing them with stalls at the festival, offering them a valuable platform to showcase their products and establish their brands.

Entrepreneurs who participate in the KKNK exhibition are selected through an application process, which includes advertising in local newspapers and product evaluation to ensure the quality and viability of their offerings. Once selected, entrepreneurs are responsible for ensuring they have an adequate supply of raw materials to produce their products throughout the festival.

Feedback from entrepreneurs who have previously exhibited at the festival indicates a mixed experience this year. While many reported increased networking opportunities, improved atmosphere, and higher sales compared to previous years, some noted a decrease in sales. Despite this, entrepreneurs expressed appreciation for the platform provided by the KKNK exhibition to showcase their products and connect with potential customers.

First-time exhibitors highlighted the valuable learning experiences gained from participating in the festival. They noted opportunities to enhance their production processes, expand their networks, and refine their exhibition strategies. Overall, they regarded the KKNK exhibition as an excellent opportunity to establish their brands and products in the marketplace.

The Municipality remains committed to supporting local entrepreneurship and promoting economic growth within the community.