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Greater Oudtshoorn Implements Water Restrictions

Oudtshoorn, 06 February 2024 – Amidst growing concerns over water use and the need for sustainable water management, the Greater Oudtshoorn municipality announces the immediate implementation of water restrictions to ensure a sustainable water supply for the community.  It’s important to note that emergency tariffs will only come into effect once the dam level falls below 50%.


At the Council Meeting held on Friday, 31 January 2024, the Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Alderman Chris Macpherson, stated that due to the excessive heat that Oudtshoorn had the past few weeks, has led to the excessive usage of water.  Last week more or less 3% capacity of the dam was used in one (1) week.  Therefore, level one (1) water restriction has been instituted in Oudtshoorn with immediate effect on 02 February 2024.



Level 1 Water Restrictions are immediately implemented for Oudtshoorn (all areas that receive water from the Raubenheimer Dam).



The rural areas, Dysselsdorp and parts of De Rust are supplied with water from the KKLWS boreholes. These boreholes and the KKLWS are under tremendous pressure and cannot meet the current need. This also applies to the rest of De Rust which gets water from the Huisrivier. The Municipality is only entitled to a limited withdrawal from the Huisrivier. This permitted withdrawal is not sufficient to meet De Rust’s need and the source is supplemented from the KKLWS. Hence the strict restrictions for De Rust, Dysselsdorp and KKRWSS.


Mayor Macpherson wants to urge residents and businesses to please limit outdoor water usage to essential purposes only, such as watering lawns, washing cars, and filling swimming pools. “We have set specific times for outdoor watering to minimize water loss, and we will keep you informed through the municipality’s official channels.” He further stated that enforcement measures are in place to ensure compliance, with violators facing fines or penalties for non-compliance. “Remember, we are all in this together. Let us conserve water responsibly.”


For further information and updates on water restrictions, please visit the Greater Oudtshoorn municipality website,,za and our social media channels (Facebook: Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality, Collab App (which can be downloaded from PlayStore) and our Twitter account: @OudtMun). Updates will also be communicated to the residents through our local newspapers.


Residents are also requested to please report water leakages within communities and the misuse of water at the communal taps in the informal settlements.  You can report this at 044 203 3090/3086 during office hours, between 07:30 and 16:30, and 044 203 7800/7801 after hours.