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Greater Oudtshoorn Celebrates Library Week

Oudtshoorn, 08 March 2021 – Every year in March, the Western Cape Library Service along with other role players in the Library and Information Services (LIS) environment celebrates Library Week. This year’s national Library Week will be celebrated during 15 – 21 March 2021, and the theme is: Libraries matter”.

“Libraries in the Greater Oudtshoorn will also participate in this annual celebration that take place on the third week of the month, which will be a national drive that aims to promote information services and reading,” said Deidre Carelse, manager for libraries in the Greater Oudtshoorn.

“Also taking place during the library week will be the FINE FREE WEEK. This means, that all overdue books from libraries may be taken back without a late fee charge. All old fines will be waved only during this week,” Carelse added. “However, library users with damaged book will still be liable to pay for damaged books.”

The purpose of the celebration, is to market and promote the use of public libraries all around South Africa, to make people aware of the importance of their library and to attract new users. This awareness will result in an increase of more readers and library users. 

Library Week is the marketing and promotion of public libraries to library users and potential library users and to make people aware of the importance of their library and to attract new users. Library Week also strives to encourage public libraries to highlight the cultural, educational and recreational aspects of the library.  The public library plays a vital role in the community; it allows every reader within the Greater Oudtshoorn to become informed and technologically savvy.

The promotional material provided to the public libraries will enable librarians to organise activities for the communities, which they serve.  Promotional material produced includes: the recyclable plastic library bags, bookmarks and posters.