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Demolition Of Concrete Structure

Oudtshoorn, 10 July 2023On Friday, 07 July 2023, Oudtshoorn Municipality gave instructions to a contractor to demolish a concrete structure in the veld adjacent to Johnson Crescent in Oudtshoorn North.  The concrete structure is the remnant of brickworks that were on the site decades ago.

The Municipality was forced to follow this route after repeated efforts, by the Municipality, to vacate illegal squatters from the building were unsuccessful. Numerous complaints were received from residents regarding people living in the structure.

For safety reasons as well as a preventative measure to stop people from squatting in the area, the Municipality gave instructions for the structure to be demolished. Over the past months law enforcement officers have tried in vain to vacate illegal squatters who simply return once the officers have left.

Last week the squatters were informed that the structure would be demolished. They then vacated the premises, but when the contractor arrived on the premises on Friday,07 July 2023, the people had moved into the structure again. They were given time to take their belongings out of the structure before demolition commenced under the supervision of law enforcement officers.

Residents in the area are asked to immediately report any attempts of people to erect illegal structures in the area.