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Conclusion Of Property Valuation Objection Process

Oudtshoorn, 16 May 2024 Residents of the Greater Oudtshoorn please take note that the external valuators, CDV Valuators have completed their review of objections lodged by residents.

Those who submitted objections on the applicable forms will receive notifications directly from the valuators confirming the resolution. It is important to know that the Municipality is not involved in the processes of valuation, objections, and appeals.

The process which is being followed:

  1. Objection Period Closure: The objection period closed on 02 April 2024.
  2. Review by External Valuators: After the objection period, the objections were forwarded to external valuators. They had 21 days to address all objections.
  3. Resolution by valuators: Persons who submitted objections will receive a document from the external valuators confirming that the process has been completed and a resolution has been reached.

Appeal Process: Details of the process to appeal the resolution of objections will also be included in the document. Those wishing to appeal can do so by following the prescribed procedures.