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Boost for SMMEs at KKNK

Oudtshoorn, 05 April 2022Oudtshoorn municipality as one of the senior sponsors of KKNK, provided logistic and financial support to ensure the successful implementation of the festival this year. In return, the festival provided 600 tickets as day passes to the municipality to be distributed to stakeholders, non-profit organisations, and non-governmental organisations to ensure that the community form part of the festival.

The festival in addition also made show tickets available to organisations to ensure that the local community enjoy the arts. The Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Cllr Chad Louw, wants to thank the whole of the Greater Oudtshoorn community for unequivocally embracing and supporting the festival this year. “You made the festival so special and memorable for our guests”.

As part of the municipality’s vision, which is prosperity for all, Oudtshoorn Municipality assisted 10 Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) clients of Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) Oudtshoorn with stalls at the 2022 Klein Karoo National Arts Festival to be part of their trade exhibition. The cost associated with the provision of the stalls was R 5 500 per stall equaling a total of R 55 000.

Mayor Chad Louw also likes to thank all the partners that were involved in making this session possible for the SMMEs to exhibit their arts and crafts.  Mayor Louw also stated that during the festival the town lived up to its slogan, a town to grow, work, play and prosper in.

“The municipality was excited about hosting the festival after an absence of 2 years and trusts that the festival indeed made an economic impact. Our expectation was for it not to be at all the same as before the COVID lockdown but that it will be a process to reach the same heights” said the Acting Director of Strategic Services, Lluwelyn Coetzee. 

After six days of festivities, the Executive Mayor wants to thank all visitors who have come from near and far to be part of the KKNK. “I would like to extend my hand of gratitude.  Thank you all so much for the visit to Oudtshoorn. You were such good, gracious guests and I only hope we did right by you as a host”.

“You have not only shown interest in our culture in Oudtshoorn, but you have assisted us as a town to economically expand and develop. The KKNK allows Oudtshoorn’s business, tourism and arts and culture spectrum to grow enormously. The KKNK festivities would not have been complete without you around”.