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Blossoms Emergency Pipeline: Construction on the Last 12 KM

Oudtshoorn, 23 August 2022 – Construction on the last 12 km required to complete the Blossoms emergency pipeline commenced on 15 August 2022. During a special council meeting on Friday, 19 August 2022, the council unanimously resolved the final hurdle of an access agreement with a property owner over which the installation must take place, with additional matters for consideration.

The agreement approved by Council on 06 July 2022 and presented to the property owners was accepted, but with an additional request for compensation for the loss of income while work is undertaken on the property.

The estimated construction period for the work in this section, based on the tenderer’s original production tempo is in the order of 12 weeks. This makes allowance for route preparation, bringing in material, excavation and pipelaying, building of structures, pressure testing and final clearing and rehabilitation. The contractor indicated that he would put all his resources into this section to expedite the work and limit the time spent on the property grounds. However, due to the limited working space and the hard rock excavations expected, they will not be able to cut this time much below 8 to 10 weeks.

An agreement was reached with the owner and the contract was signed on 23 August 2022.

The previous council of Oudtshoorn municipality unanimously decided in September 2018 to implement the Blossoms project, which involves the laying of an emergency pipeline from Blossoms (Oudtshoorn Groundwater Project) to Oudtshoorn. The blossoms borehole water project is aimed at bolstering the town’s water supply and ensuring water security for all communities in the region.

The present supply from the groundwater source is insufficient to meet the demand, so augmentation of the source is urgent, A pipeline from the nearby Blossoms groundwater well field would alleviate the shortage.

The contract period is 26 weeks with an anticipated completion at the end of March 2023.