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Air Quality Control Operation In Oudtshoorn

Oudtshoorn, 29 August 2023Oudtshoorn Municipality, in conjunction with Garden Route District Municipality, recently undertook a significant operation aimed at enhancing air quality control in the region. The focus of the operation was to engage with all scrap metal facilities in the area, creating awareness of the implications of the recovery of metal from any form of scrap material by the application of heat (open fires).

Open fires at scrap metal facilities have long been a concern due to their potential impact on air quality and the environment. Representatives from the Oudtshoorn Municipality and Garden Route District Municipality visited these facilities, forging a constructive dialogue around the importance of refraining from open fires, the burning of plastics/rubber and the method used to recover metal from any form of scrap material. The facilities welcomed the visits and expressed their willingness to comply with regulations.

The response that was received from the scrap metal facilities underscored a collective understanding of the need to prioritize air quality and sustainability. With a genuine commitment to work with the municipalities, the facilities pledged their fullest cooperation to ensure that open fires become a thing of the past. This action establishes a good example of taking early steps to care for the environment.

In addition to reminding the scrap metal business owners about taking care of the air and waste responsibly, the Garden Route District Municipality also used this chance to teach them about the problems if they do things against the law. Specifically, they talked about doing certain things that are listed as bad for the environment in the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act.

One of the things officials of Garden Route District Municipality talked about was taking metal out of scrap materials using heat. This is on the list of things that can harm the environment a lot. They said that nobody should do this without a special license that says they can. This rule applies all over the country. This was done to stop people from breaking the rules and to show that breaking environmental rules is a serious matter.

These institutions promised to follow the rules, but it’s important to know that this operation is not a one-time event. They will be monitored to ensure they keep their promises and keep making the air cleaner. This shows the commitment of both municipalities to a cleaner, healthier environment for all residents.

The success of this project shows how working together can make good things happen. As we go ahead, both the Oudtshoorn Municipality and Garden Route District Municipality are still strongly committed to creating a place where businesses and local authorities work well together to make the future cleaner and greener.